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Specialist Therapies


Delivering Dementia Therapies For Those Living With Dementia

Dementia Caring therapy programs give greater opportunity for those living with dementia to remain independent and stay in their homes for longer.

People with dementia and their carers both benefit from early planning and delivery of a tailored therapy designed to delay the progression of the disease and maintain a better quality of life.

Dementia Caring provide assisted care, house keeping, home maintenance, respite services,dementia care support and personal care services.

Dementia Caring Therapy Programs

Dementia Caring therapy programs are a new way to deliver dementia care excellence, by focusing on supporting the individual during their journey through each stage of dementia.

Individually tailoring the program by incorporating multi-faceted techniques, our team are able to successfully enhance your quality of life.


Music and Memory Therapy

There is growing evidence that a personalised music program gives those living with dementia a calmer, more effective supportive social environment.

As seen in the movie Alive Inside, Music & Memory Therapy stimulates the mind and senses through music. With our dementia care therapies, we use meaningful music to connect people to past memories and associations. The benefits of this therapy includes individuals being happier and more social, therefore reducing reliance on medication. This remarkable program is helping thousands of people living with dementia.

Dementia Caring is proud to be officially-accredited to provide music and memory dementia therapies to those living with dementia. With this therapy, relationships with families deepen, and valuable time lost to behavioural management issues is regained.

Reminiscence Therapy

The Dementia Caring Reminiscence Therapy uses music, photos sight and sound to reach the memories that reside in functional parts of the brain. An important aspect of this therapy is recapturing the emotions and feelings that are connected to those memories.

Our Dementia Caring therapists help individuals to enhance the memory of those living with dementia and experience the benefits of meaningful connection both with the past and present, via dementia therapies.

Reminiscence is a way of remembering past events and is truly positive and engaging activity. Even if the person living with dementia cannot participate verbally, it can still give them pleasure to be involved in reflections on their past. It also works effectively as a means of distraction should they become confused or anxious.


This is your Life Storytelling Book

A storytelling book is a visual diary. Similar to a family photo album, it can also can include letters, postcards, certificates and other memorabilia such as a something that reminds the participant of people or places they loved from which they have lost connection as a result of the dementia.

During this therapy we create a memory box where we place all of the items from the past and present as prompts to begin the story.

This book can provide a great deal of pleasure and has been seen to improve self esteem for a person who may be feeling increasingly lost in the present.

Sensory Therapy

Our dementia care and aged care therapist uses specialised techniques incorporating Montessori products designed for people with dementia. Interestingly, Montessori childhood approaches have been discovered to be also beneficial for people with dementia.

The therapy is tailored to the interests and ability of the individual, improving engagement, independence and confidence.


Validation Therapy

Validation therapy accepts and recognises that rather than trying to bring the person living with dementia back to our reality, it is more positive and beneficial to enter their reality. In this way, empathy, compassion and trust is developed with the person, creating a sense of security. This therapy reduces anxiety for families and carers who had lost the ability to communicate effectively, as well as for the person living with dementia.

Validation therapy is based on the experience that once the person has developed short-term memory loss and can no longer employ or make sense of the present, he or she is then likely to go back to the past. By validating past memories, a person living with dementia also feels significant and this, in turn, brings greater self esteem and promotes overall happiness.

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