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Learn more about our bespoke personal home care services & dementia home care

The specialist team at Dementia Caring provide a variety of services like dementia home care, meal preparation plans & ideas, respite services,home maintenance services, house keeping and assisted care services tailored at the different stages of dementia you or your loved one are at. As a result, you can rest assured that our care coordinators will be able to find a personal care package that fits your needs perfectly.

We provide excellent dementia home care, meal preparation plans & ideas, respite services,home maintenance services, house keeping and assisted care services.

Early Stage Care

  • Personal home care & assisted care with assistance for cleaning, domestic chores
  • General support for dementia home care and personal home care
  • Mind exercises and games
  • Education packs to help understanding and caring for a loved one

Middle Stage Care

  • Home organisation to make the home more practical for easy living
  • Personal home care and assisted care including dressing, bathing, cooking, and feeding
  • On-call respite services and personal home care support
  • Help with complex needs and Dementia Home Care
  • Key Worker programs and Case Management services of house keeping and house maintenance to help you achieve your personal goals, including connection to the community, government funding, completing forms, and arranging activities.

Why Clients Choose Our Personal Home Care Services
Here are some of the key reasons that our clients choose to work with us:

  • We provide relief from the strains of caring for a loved one.
  • DIY personal home care service tailored to suit your needs
  • Specialised dementia home care and advice that promotes independence and keeps you and your loved one in the comfort of their home for longer

Late Stage Care

  • 24/7 dementia home care & on-call respite services
  • Professional personal care & in-home respite services
  • Professional specialised dementia carers that maintain independence for longer
  • Ongoing Dementia Home Care and advice from your Dementia Caring Consultant

Therapeutic and Well-being Dementia Home Care & Carer Support Services

  • Massage & Aromatherapy Pack.
  • Specialised Mind & Body Exercises.
  • Assistance with communicating, expressing feelings & calming.
  • Specialised social activities.
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