Dementia Caring


Dementia care during COVID-19: tips for carers

Dementia care during COVID-19: tips for carers COVID-19 has brought plenty of uncertainty and unexpected disruption to our daily lives. This is hard for everyone, but it can be especially challenging for people who are living with dementia. According to Alzheimer Europe, some of the issues people with dementia may struggle with during the pandemic [...]

Strategies You Can Use To Better Cope With Caring For A Parent With Dementia At Home

Looking after an older adult with frailty is a challenge, but a dementia patient is even more difficult. Progressive cognitive decline often means that the person you’re caring for can’t make decisions that are in their best interests. In advanced cases, many people can’t make any decisions for themselves at all. You are always on [...]

The new technologies to keep dementia patients out of nursing homes for longer

Dementia is an incredibly destructive and heartbreaking disease. Watching someone you love, slowly lose their ability to remember things, to remember you, to talk, to walk and the fear of having to lose your independent relative to the thralls of a nursing home. In the early stages of dementia, there is often only incredibly mild […]

Coming Together for Christmas: Advice for Friends and Family Of People with Dementia

Dementia is one of the most common conditions among older people in Australia. The most recent statistics indicate that dementia rates are rising, with almost 450,000 people living with dementia in Australia in 2019. For many of us, Christmas is a highlight, but if you suffer from dementia, you have relatives with dementia, or you’re […]

The Power of Music and Art in Dementia Care

Specialised dementia care encompasses many areas, from medical assistance and personal care to practical help and emotional support. Following decades of research, it’s been shown that music and art can be extremely beneficial for patients with dementia. Whether individuals are newly diagnosed and experiencing minimal symptoms or have been symptomatic for quite some time, engaging […]

Five Signs Your Loved Ones Need Home Care Support

As your loved ones grow older, their mental health and physical ability will gradually weaken as their bodies start to change due to the effects of ageing. The exact time that this happens can vary from person to person, but it’s generally something that could happen to anyone especially if they have started to develop […]

How does physical activity and exercise help dementia?

Dementia can be a difficult condition to cope with, but there are many different ways to ease the symptoms and potentially even improve one’s condition if they deal with severe symptoms of a regular basis. One of healthiest ways to cope with dementia symptoms is to take advantage of the benefits of physical activity. This […]

How technology can help people living with dementia live at home for longer

Dementia comes in many different forms and can affect a wide range of different people. This is why dementia care is an important component of general healthcare that can ensure that those affected by dementia-related diseases can get the help they need in order to live healthy lives despite the symptoms. Thankfully, technology is starting […]

Foods to fight Alzheimer’s

For a long time, nutrition scientists have known that overall dietary patterns can reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer. But it is only recently with the rise of the aging population that their attention has turned to Alzheimer’s – one of the most destructive diseases a person can get. […]

How to Talk to Your Loved Ones About Your Diagnosis

When we are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, we may be afraid to share our diagnosis with family or friends. However, talking to your loved ones in an honest and prepared manner can make your diagnosis easier for them to understand, and will create a stronger support network for you on this journey. Choose the […]

Understanding the Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease

Did you know that Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia? It accounts for 50-75% of all dementia cases in Australia. We recently discussed the stages of dementia, but based on its prevalence, we felt it was time to identify the progression of Alzheimer’s disease as well. Let’s review the 7 stages: Stage […]

Benefits of Physical Exercise for People with Dementia

We all know that physical exercise is essential to living long, healthy, and happy lives, but did you know that it has similar, positive effects on the wellness of older individuals living with dementia? Let’s take a look at the benefits of physical exercise for people with dementia: Limiting Risk & Progression According to Dementia […]

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