Planning ahead after you’ve been diagnosed with dementia

Receiving a diagnosis of dementia can be overwhelming, for both you and your family. When you feel ready, planning ahead is a helpful step to take as over time, you may not be able to think clearly and make decisions on your own. Planning ahead allows you to prepare for the future (and have peace [...]

Tips for helping someone with dementia in winter

5 tips on how to support someone with Dementia in winter  Winter can be a tricky season if you are living with dementia – the days are shorter, it’s harder to exercise outside, and the weather requires you to dress with more care. Here’s 5 tips on how loved ones can support someone with dementia [...]

How to choose a care provider for your loved one

How to choose a care provider for your loved one Aged care at home has made great progress over the last few years. Rather than assuming everyone is the same, today’s approach is all about the individual. Everyone has choice over the way they are supported, and control over how their services are delivered. But [...]

Help prevent heat stress in summer

Help prevent heat stress in summer While summer is a great time to be active and enjoy the weather, for people living with dementia, it can create some risks and challenges. One particular problem to be aware of is heat stress, which is when your body can’t cool itself and maintain a healthy temperature. This [...]

Carers, look after yourself this Christmas

December can be a hectic time, especially if you support a loved one who is living with dementia. With all the extra gatherings and events, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and miss out on taking care of your own needs. Here are some easy tips on how to nurture yourself during the festive season. Take [...]

Dementia and Communication

Losing the ability to communicate can be a frustrating – at times heartbreaking – experience for people living with dementia, along with their families and friends. As the condition progresses and impacts the brain’s functioning, the person may find it increasingly difficult to express themselves and understand what others are saying. While each person is [...]

Dementia carers are our heroes

There are currently over 2.65 million dementia carers across Australia who provide much-needed support to a family member or friend. This includes people who care for loved ones living with a dementia diagnosis. These carers make a huge difference in people’s lives, especially in recent times during a global pandemic, health crisis and city-wide lockdowns. [...]

Your Dementia Care rights

If you are living with dementia, you deserve to have access to high quality care that maintains your dignity and helps you enjoy life to the full. But unfortunately this is not everyone’s experience, as we have seen from the recent Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety. What is in the Charter of [...]

What is Younger Onset Dementia?

Younger onset dementia (also called early onset dementia) is when any form of dementia is diagnosed in someone who is below the age of 65. Dementia is a collection of symptoms that are caused by diseases affecting the brain. It is an umbrella term for a number of neurological conditions which cause a progressive decline in a person’s mental […]

Dementia and disinhibited behaviours

When someone living with dementia starts showing disinhibited behaviours, it can be embarrassing and confusing – even distressing – for family and friends. It’s important to remember, though, that your loved one isn’t acting that way on purpose, and may not understand the impact of their behaviour. Here is some information to help you understand […]

12 simple ways to boost your mood if you’re living with dementia

If you are living with dementia, it’s common to feel down from time to time. Luckily, there are lots of really simple things you can do to lift your mood. Here’s 12 scientifically-proven ways you can beat those blues away. 1. Listen to your favourite music Research shows that listening to music can help people […]

Senior winter fire safety: what you need to know

As the weather cools down, now is the time that we start reaching for our electric blankets and pulling our heaters out of storage. While it’s important to stay warm in winter, we also need to make sure that we stay safe – and help protect our loved ones – from fires and burns. According […]

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