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Dementia Caring supports seniors living with dementia in Geelong. Our team of care experts are dedicated to helping people enjoy a rich and meaningful life, no matter the diagnosis.

We are a registered Aged Care provider, and offer Home Care Packages to support people living with dementia in their own home. Our services include:

  • Personal care (e.g. help with bathing, getting dressed, grooming)
  • Domestic assistance
  • Medication management for medical conditions
  • One-to-one support for daily tasks
  • Help with nutritious meal preparations
  • Clinical care and supervision, including 24-hour care
  • Transport to get you around the community
  • Help using public transport, such as a bus service
  • Engaging activities and social outings in indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Respite care to assist loved ones
  • Assistance with eating and drinking
  • Specialist care for complex needs
  • Companionship for peace of mind
  • Help staying calm and comfortable at home
  • Honouring your lived history through an affirming approach to care
  • Allied health therapists (e.g. physiotherapists, occupational therapists)
  • Clinical care for medical reasons
  • Home modifications to make your space safe to live in
  • Mobility equipment and independent living aids
  • Appropriate physical activities and lifestyle activities to stay healthy and well
  • Compassionate and sensitive palliative care
  • Bilingual support for better cultural wellbeing
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About us

Need a reliable dementia carer in Geelong? With years of experience behind us, the care team at Dementia Caring are here to help. Our team of health professionals and care workers provide compassionate support, helping clients and their families meet some of the biggest challenges, and preventing entry into an aged care facility before the person is ready.

We are:

Dementia care experts – our team is experienced at dealing with a wide range of situations, from anxiety and memory loss to wandering, changed behaviour and communication challenges. We use best practice approaches to specialised dementia care, stay up to date with the latest research, and are committed to quality specialist care throughout the different stages of the disease.

Person-centred – we don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach to care. Instead, we give personal attention to each of our clients, treating them as unique individuals with their own life story. As we provide dementia carer support in Geelong, we’ll take the time to get to know you, understand your needs, and provide support that is tailored to you.

Locally based – it’s our privilege to provide quality dementia support in Geelong. Our friendly team consists of local health professionals and care workers who understand the area they provide services in, and are flexible to your schedule and needs.

Compassionate – whether we’re helping you with personal care or physical activities, our Registered Nurses and care workers are compassionate, relational and gentle, with a heart for the people. We also work hard to support families in their caring responsibilities, and respect every person’s right to their own choices.

Attentive to detail – great customer service matters to us. We pay attention to the details when it comes to your care, and take feedback on board so we can continually improve our services. Our wealth of experience means you can rely on us to support you throughout your dementia journey.

Focus on collaboration – our holistic approach to care means we collaborate with your support network, and work cooperatively with health care providers, health professionals and loved ones to support those living with dementia. We’ll be part of your team, working together to help you enjoy quality of life.

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Dementia Care Therapies in Geelong

Specialised therapy programs can deliver plenty of benefits for people living with dementia and their family members. Our programs are based on best practice approaches and the latest research. We offer:

Music and Memory Therapy 

Music therapy uses music to help improve a person’s mood and wellbeing. Studies have shown that it can help reduce agitation, minimise reliance on medication, improve family relationships, and lead to less behaviour management challenges. It can also provide an enjoyable way for someone with dementia to enjoy a shared experience with others, even if they are in the later stages of the disease

Reminiscence Therapy

Reminiscence is a way to reflect on a past events as a rewarding activity. It can help loved ones reach functional parts of the brain through the use of sounds, sight, photographs and music, and also help calm a person down if they are feeling upset. By recapturing the emotions and feelings connected to those past experiences, this type of therapy helps deliver better connections with the past and present.

‘This is your Life’ storytelling therapy

Each person’s life deserves to be honoured and treasured. Storytelling therapy uses a visual diary (like a family diary or photo album) filled with someone’s personal letters, postcards, certificates and other memorabilia. The book reminds the person of the people and places they loved, and is a way to connect with family members while taking a personal approach to wellbeing.

Sensory Therapy

This type of therapy uses Montessori products, designed for people with dementia, to connect with people living with dementia. Montessori childhood approaches have proven to be beneficial for people with dementia. Sessions are built around the interests of each person, designed to improve engagement, independence and confidence.

Validation Therapy

Validation therapy is all about accepting what a person is experiencing, rather than trying to force them into our reality. By empathising with the person’s feelings instead of challenging what they perceive as real, you can build trust and create a sense of security. This helps reduces anxiety for people living with dementia and their families.

Home Care Packages for people with dementia

To make in-home dementia care in Australia more affordable, the government aged care sector subsidises Home Care Packages for eligible people over 65 years old (50 years old for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people). This makes dementia support services in Geelong more accessible, so seniors with this condition can be supported at home.

A home care package is a coordinated set of aged care services that helps you with everyday tasks, such as laundry, preparing meals, cleaning your home, and doing the shopping.

Delivered by Aged Care service providers, a carer helps you on a regular basis so you can continue to live independently. It is available to people who need low to high level care. You can choose the care service providers who deliver your support, after you have been through the assessment process.

For people living with dementia, a Home Care Package has many benefits, including:

  • Regular aged care support when everyday tasks become too difficult
  • Supervision to ensure safety at home rather than living in residential care
  • Help with personal tasks through dignified care, such as getting dressed, toileting and showering
  • Help with preparing and eating nutritious meals
  • Guidance and care for families supporting someone living with dementia, including respite care
  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Less social isolation, with opportunities to engage with others
  • Assistance with communication and relationship building
  • Being able to live at home for longer rather than moving prematurely into an aged care home
  • Allied health wellness programs to care for your health from allied health professionals
  • Comprehensive dementia care throughout your journey, from basic care to complex care
  • Care solutions for common dementia-related challenges
  • Round the clock care for those who require constant supervision

Home Care Packages with Dementia Caring

If you’re looking for in home dementia care in Geelong, our care team is here to help. As a registered Aged Care provider, we don’t believe that one size fits all. We provide care to individuals, which means we’re here to partner with you, so you can stay at home for longer and enjoy quality of life while living with dementia.

Respite Care with Dementia Caring

Caring for a loved one with dementia is one of the most valuable and rewarding things you can do, but it can also cause stress. Taking breaks regularly is important, so you can take care of yourself and have time for other things.

Respite care is when someone takes care of the person you support for a limited period of time. A care worker trained in dementia care can look after your loved one for a few hours a week, overnight, or for a longer period if you’re going on holiday. It’s a great opportunity to take a break, take care of other responsibilities, or go on a holiday. This can ultimately make you a better carer, as you have a chance to recharge before providing ongoing care.

Dementia Caring provides respite care for people with dementia in Geelong. We focus on providing an enjoyable experience, so the person with dementia is well supported and comfortable while you have peace of mind.

As a registered Home Care Package provider, we offer:

  • Compassionate specialist dementia care for seniors with dementia
  • Specialised support for people with complex health conditions
  • A flexible service that works around your family’s schedule
  • Personalised support that is tailored to each person’s unique needs
  • Experienced care workers dedicated to providing a great experience
  • Programs, community outings and fun activities that are engaging and richly rewarding
  • Multicultural and bilingual staff that can cater for your cultural wellbeing

Looking for home dementia care in Geelong? Dementia Caring provides dementia support in Australia, including regional areas such as Geelong. We take an individualised approach to care, providing a range of services tailored to each of our clients.

For more information about our services or dementia home care in Geelong, please get in touch with our friendly team. We’re happy to help.

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