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One of the hardest progressive illnesses for someone to cope with is dementia. There is no cure for dementia, which means that those newly diagnosed know that they have to make as many plans as possible to ensure that they have the right care in place as the illness progresses. With Dementia Caring, you can obtain dementia care at home with the highest professional standards in dementia carers. We believe that the best thing to do is to support our clients and their loved ones in their homes for as long as possible while maintaining the best possible quality of life. When someone is diagnosed with dementia every six minutes in Australia, we need the best possible dementia care services Tweed Heads has to offer. Dementia Caring can provide support for those caring for dementia clients. We aim to soften the blow of a diagnosis that, for a family, can be devastating. Our support services go beyond what we can offer for our clients; tailored, bespoke care plans, and we provide care to our client’s families, too.

There is no need to watch someone that you love fade over time, especially when dementia is the sort of illness that makes them forget you. However, we believe in the research that shows the familiar surroundings of the client is the best place for them to be. We want to keep our clients comfortable in their homes for as long as possible so that they remain as confident, secure and calm as possible. Our dementia carers Tweed Heads are professional and excellent at what they do, and we are confident in their ability to care for your loved one as they go through this process.

All About Dementia

As we mentioned, dementia is something that progresses over time. It’s important to understand that dementia is characterised by a group of symptoms, and understanding what to expect if you have a loved one diagnosed with dementia is essential. Behavioural changes are expected, of course, but the way they come about is often unexpected for the loved ones watching their family member deal with all the symptoms. The behavioural changes are some of the most difficult to deal with, and our dementia carers Tweed Heads are adept at helping you to cope as much as they are your loved one. It can be challenging to spot the symptoms of dementia as they begin, mainly because there are different types of dementia in the first place.

We want to ensure that you get the very best dementia home carers Tweed Heads can offer to ensure that you and your loved one are as comfortable and secure as possible during this transition. Remaining optimistic can be hard, and we know that, but with the positive outlook from each of our dementia carers along with a personalised plan in place that is purely patient-centred, you will be able to experience the most compassionate dementia home care services Tweed Heads can provide.

Dementia Symptoms

Dementia is often called a disease for ease of explanation, but dementia is, in fact, a collection of symptoms that are developing as a result of brain damage that is occurring from another source. This brain damage isn’t necessarily from a trauma to the head or injury, but another disease causes it. Another essential thing to know is that there is more than one type of dementia out there and it’s in these types that you can find the answers to the best dementia care services Tweed Heads offers with Dementia Caring. Let’s take a look at the various dementia types and their symptoms:

Early Dementia Symptoms

As dementia affects different people in different ways, spotting the first signs can be tricky. Not everyone experiences dementia in a textbook way, and so knowing all the individual signs is a must.

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Memory loss
  • Confusion regarding orientation
  • Difficulty following a conversation
  • Issues with day to day tasks
  • Behavioural changes and mood swings

Symptoms start mildly, and our dementia carers Tweed Heads are well-versed to spot the signs and spot their progression.

Symptoms: Alzheimer’s Disease

The most common cause of dementia, Alzheimer’s have signs that are simple to spot in the early days.

  • Peaks of anxiety
  • Confusion surrounding numbers and money
  • Difficulty in new environments
  • Repetitive questions
  • Issues with memory

Symptoms: Vascular Dementia

It’s possible for clients to have both vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s at the same time; this is called mixed dementia. The vascular dementia symptoms are very similar to the above Alzheimer’s symptoms, but the memory loss isn’t as standard in the early stages. The specific symptoms include:

  • Depression and emotional outbursts
  • Movement issues; difficulty walking or gait changes
  • Muscle weakness – this needs medical help urgently
  • Difficulty with attention

Symptoms: Lewy bodies

This type of dementia is similar to Alzheimer’s, and the signs that you need to watch for include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Visual hallucinations
  • Sleep issues
  • Slow movement
  • Falling often

Symptoms: Frontotemporal Dementia

Early symptoms are easy to spot with frontotemporal dementia, and between the ages of 45-65, these are what you are looking for:

  • Lack of social awareness
  • Changes in personality
  • Obsessive tendencies
  • Difficulty with language

Dementia: The Later Stages

The stages of dementia, later on, are tougher than the earlier stages, which is where our dementia carers at Dementia Caring come in. We offer one of the foremost comprehensive dementia care services Tweed Heads. Our services go beyond our clients, extending to their families and friends, too. We believe that you need support in the later stages of dementia, and there will be mobility and communication issues to contend with alongside changes in appetite, behaviour and incontinence. Dementia is difficult to handle, and you shouldn’t handle it alone. Our dementia care at home remains the very best you can get in Tweed Heads, and we want you to feel comfortable and confident in the service that we offer.

Moving Forward With Dementia

A diagnosis of dementia is not always easy to cope with, and it’s not just the clients that find it hard; the family and friends of clients also have to move quickly through how difficult they feel about it all. The good news is that those who are diagnosed with dementia live very well for longer than they expect to. One of the positives about the amount of research that goes into all the avenues of dementia is one typical result: dementia care at home is the best option. Being in familiar surroundings when the body is going through strange feelings and experiences is far more comfortable and stable for clients than being in a home. It’s for this reason that we work as hard as possible to maintain the dignity of our clients at all times.

Dementia Caring has the dementia care services Tweed Heads is proud of, and we ensure that our service is about you and your family. When clients are familiar and happy in their own homes, they do better with their treatment and feel secure in having carers in their home. Our dementia carers are some of the most professional out there, ensuring our clients are kept informed, comfortable and as far away from isolation as possible. Confusion is a significant result of dementia of all types, but with the right dementia carers, we can ensure that our clients are kept as calm as possible at all times. When we have the right clients and dementia carers matched together, we can see our clients remain happy and joyful rather than upset and alone. If you are looking for the most compassionate dementia carers Tweed Heads can provide, you would be in good company with Dementia Caring.

Our person-centred plans ensure that you get the exact care you need for your loved one, with every single eventuality tailored for and mapped out, so there are no surprises. We can liaise with other medical care, too, so no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of excellent dementia home care. We are very proud that our dementia carers are well-trained and ready to take on every client and their needs. Our dementia carers Tweed Heads are professional, compassionate and kind at every turn.

There are many ways that you can help your loved one who is coping with dementia, and the best idea is to help them to maintain their independence as much as can be possible. At Dementia Caring, we aim to provide stable dementia care that you can feel secure with, knowing that the dignity of your loved one is our primary concern. Whatever you need from your dementia carer, our dementia care services Tweed Heads can accommodate. Some of our clients only require help with socialising, support in the community and a way to access their sports and other hobbies. Others require a full personal care service. Either way, we want to ensure that our dementia home care services Tweed Heads are perfect for what you need. We are proud to put your needs and the needs of your loved ones at the forefront of our care, and it’s for this reason our case managers make the time to talk with you and understand precisely what your needs are at every turn.

We also believe at Dementia Caring, that you should have access to affordable dementia home care. Our care packages allow you the best for what you can afford, and we want to ensure that you get just what you and your loved ones need. No matter what your needs are, we can provide you with the best dementia care services Tweed Heads has available. We love what we do, and we pour every ounce of that love into our service.

What We Offer You

Dementia Caring is proud to provide tailored care packages that can ensure every client is comfortable and independent in their home. Caring for our dementia clients in Tweed Heads is so much more than a service; it’s a pleasure. We are the very best at what we do, and the dementia home care services Tweed Heads has to offer should be the best for you and the needs of your loved one. With the highest quality of care, we can provide you with independence, a chance to remain social and happy and a way to support your family as well as your loved ones.

Tweed Heads is an active place to live, and we believe you should continue to be as productive as possible as you move through this process. There is so much to see and do, and a diagnosis of dementia shouldn’t prevent your loved one from doing that. We want you to keep as much of your pride as possible, and this means providing you with some of the most professional dementia carers Tweed Heads has.

All of our solutions are tailored to our clients as individuals, and there are some popular options we have!

  • Personal care
  • Nursing care
  • Assisted living
  • Respite care
  • Home maintenance
  • Meal preparation
  • Carer support
  • Housekeeping
  • Specialist therapies

Our Home Care Packages

As a company able to provide comprehensive Home Care Packages in Tweed Heads, we’re proud to be able to say our packages are affordable. There is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to get the best care for your family, and whether you need support with meals or specialist therapies tailored to you, we’re on hand to help.

With a dedicated case manager on your care plan, you will be provided with dementia carers working precisely as you require them to, keeping you calm and comfortable at all times. Our dementia carers Tweed Heads aim to be as flexible and responsive as possible to you, and our dementia home carers are just as kind as our fantastic case managers. We put your needs first every single time, remaining as attentive to you and your family throughout the whole process.

In-Home Support

We want to support our clients with remaining in their home as much as possible, which is why our person-centred care plans are offering familiarity and stability throughout the day or night. We look for reliable, highly trained carers, and we want to enable our clients’ as much familiarity as possible by keeping our clients and carers well-matched.

Carer Support

A big part of our service is ensuring the families of our clients are happy and relaxed, and dementia isn’t always easy to handle. We want to support you as a carer as much as we want to support your loved one. Let our dementia carers take the weight off your shoulders and assist you with their comfort care.

Contact Us Today

Our Tweed Heads business is built on helping those in need, and if you need help today, please contact us on 1300 792 691 for more information.

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