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Dementia Care Townsville

Dementia Care Services Townsville

If you are worried that your parent, family member or friend is suffering from dementia, you could require the best dementia care Townsville can offer. We can help here with an expert solution designed around providing the greatest level of support for you and your loved one. We have helped countless patients get the in home dementia care Townsville service they need. However, before you think about whether this is the right decision for your loved one it’s important to understand dementia.

What Is Dementia?

The first thing that you need to understand about dementia support in Australia is that this isn’t one condition. There are actually countless forms of dementia. Instead, dementia is a term that describes a set of symptoms. These symptoms are connected to different disorders and conditions which includes Alzheimer’s. A lot of people think that Alzheimer and dementia are interchangeable terms, however, this is not the case. Instead, Alzheimer’s is just one of the conditions that fit underneath the umbrella term of dementia.

While there has been a significant level of research into this condition, it’s important to note a few key points. First, while options are constantly being explored as of right now there is no cure for dementia. However, it is possible to slow down the progression of certain diseases. The cause is also widely debated.

Generally, dementia will occur due to the damage of the brain or brain shrinkage. This can occur due to trauma or a medical condition like a stroke. It’s also possible that the grey matter in the brain deteriorates due to age. However again, it’s not clear why this occurs and this is the key reason why it can’t currently be prevented or cured.

Symptoms And Signs

For dementia carers and those caring for a parent with dementia at home, the easiest way to understand it is by noting the symptoms. As mentioned, the symptoms are the key variables the term is based on. There are a variety of different symptoms that can be apparent and they will typically depend on the stage an individual is at.

Memory issues are one of the first, recognized symptoms. At the early stage, memory issues are likely to be short term. For instance, a person could forget where they placed an item or where they parked their car. At later stages, memory problems will often include long term information. Individuals can forget people, places, their own name or even what year it is. A dementia home care Townsville service should be prepared to deal with the ramifications of this issue and effectively preserve an individual’s quality of life.

People often note that loved ones with dementia start to live in the past. They can forget or confuse their age and believe they are a lot younger. This can lead to trouble with recognizing key individuals as part of their life because they don’t fit the new reality. This can be incredibly upsetting and it’s one of the reasons why relatives should not be full-time carers. You may not be able to handle when this type of change occurs. It could ultimately impact whether you are able to provide the level of care that your loved one needs. With dementia care in-home Townsville services, this issue can be avoided. A carer will provide a full level of comfort and support for your loved one without the painful emotional attachment.

Individuals may also experience problems with problem-solving activities as well as general cognitive functions. Issues here can develop at any stage in dementia. It is one of the reasons why people with late-stage dementia find it difficult to hold down a job. While most people with dementia will be into their retirement years, it’s possible for it to develop far earlier than this. Early-onset dementia is rarer than the typical form but still a possibility. Patients with early-onset dementia could require dementia care services in Townsville, depending on how fast their condition is developing.

Many people often think that dementia only causes mental symptoms. This is not quite true. Since it is a condition that impacts the brain, it’s quite common for a patient to display physical changes as well. One key potential sign is a change to motor control. You might notice that the balance of an individual is off when they are walking or climbing the stairs. They could trip or miss the step and this is a clear sign that something has changed in their brain. Particularly if it is happening more regularly.

A person with dementia may even have issues through the night. Another common sign is a lack of motor control during sleep. An individual could lash out with their limbs or shake violently. Any changes to sleeping behavior should be noted because it could be a warning sign of a condition that leads to the development of these symptoms. Of course, this also leads to the danger of loved ones falling out of bed and getting injured. That’s why 24-hour dementia home care Townsville services might be necessary. This will ensure that issues through the night can be dealt with the right way. It’s even possible that a loved one will wake up and have no idea where they are. At the very least they will need comfort during a time like this.

Benefits Of In-Home Dementia Care In Townsville

You have several options when arranging care for a loved one with dementia in Townsville. For instance, you can think about life in a care facility. Do be aware though research and reports suggest that dementia may progress more rapidly with this type of solution. It is believed that the reason for this is that patients are unfamiliar with their environment. This makes it far more difficult for them to hold onto key memories from the past and this causes them to quickly lose themselves. Depending on the care facility, it may also not be possible to provide the full level of support that a patient with a later stage of the condition will require.

Another option is to care for a loved one with dementia yourself. Caring for a parent with dementia at home is understandable however, you do need to be prepared for the pressure and changes that this will put on your life. You will struggle to continue to maintain your personal and professional life, particularly if your parent requires constant care and support. It’s crucial that you do take this into account because you will essentially be taking on the full role of the carer. This is also going to change the relationship that you have with your parent as well. It will mean that you are going to struggle to continue to connect with them on an emotional level.

A dementia home care Townsville service like the one that we provide is designed to address and eliminate these issues. First, you don’t have to worry about the emotional weight of becoming a carer. Let someone else provide the best level of care and support that your loved one needs, allowing you to spend more time with them. When you choose our dementia support Townsville solution, we’ll provide a care plan that matches the needs of your loved one. This will be based on the stage of their condition and their individual requirements. We can offer round the clock care or allow your loved one to maintain some level of independence if it is safe for them to do so. You will also gain more chances to spend time with your loved one because they won’t be in a care facility.

A loved one is also likely to feel more comfortable with an in-home care dementia service in Townsville. They will be familiar with their environment and understand the key features and details of where they live. Again, this can help them maintain the key memories that they need to remain at least partially independent for significantly longer.

A home can also be set up and changed to ensure that it is safe and providing the right environment for someone who is suffering from dementia. This can include key safety features including rails to avoid slips and falls. As well as this, we can ensure that helpful reminders are placed around the home designed to trigger the memories that are still locked away.

What We Provide

Dementia care in Townsville is never going to be a one size fits all solution. Or at least it shouldn’t be because your loved one is an individual. They have individual needs, requirements, and concerns. They are going to be experiencing a particular stage of their condition. That’s why we make sure that the solution we deliver is catered around individual requirements. The aim here is to provide independence where possible while guaranteeing that your loved one is safe in their home.

Of course, we understand that we’re not just providing a service for your loved one. We’re providing a service for you too. It’s easy to forget that dementia is going to impact you and the rest of your family. It can cause immense emotional distress. That’s why with our dementia home care service we put your needs first too. We strive to ensure that you are provided with the right level of support.

Our services can be as simple as making sure that someone checks in on your loved one through the day. Alternatively, we can be there on a 24-hour basis with carers switching shifts seamlessly. With this increased level of care and support, we can provide a wide range of services.

We can prepare meals or help an individual get their own food. We can make sure that the household remains in great condition and doesn’t become dirty or unkempt. We can ensure that your loved one maintains their mobility and guarantee that they do not miss key appointments. It’s easy for the physical health of a person with dementia to slip if they are not gaining the full support they require. We won’t let this happen.

Found Out More About Dementia Care In Townville

If you are interested in learning more about dementia care in Townsville, make sure that you contact us today. We will be happy to provide further information about dementia care in Australia that we offer. Our aim will be to make sure that you are able to gain the support you need and guarantee the best level of care for your loved one. We understand that dementia care services are not a one size fits all solution. Instead, we strive to provide the individual support that patients with these symptoms need for the best quality of life.

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