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There is no cure for dementia. Instead, there are excellent dementia care services that you can access right here in Newcastle. With Dementia Caring, we believe that the best approach to dementia care is to help you and your loved ones to maintain the best possible quality of life while you are dealing with a challenging situation. Did you know that across Australia, someone is diagnosed with dementia every six minutes? In the time it takes to have a shower, five people and their families will have been given news that will change their life. With Dementia Care, we can help to soften the blow with the best dementia home care Newcastle has to offer.

It is tough to watch someone you love fade away, and it’s even tougher to take on the care for them by yourself. However, research has proven time and again that the best place for someone who has dementia is in surroundings that they find familiar – their home. This is somewhere we feel safe, secure, relaxed and confident – and Dementia Caring is proud to be able to help you and your loved one to maintain these feelings.

About Dementia

Dementia is a progressive disease, and it is difficult to handle. Many changes walk hand in hand with a diagnosis of dementia, and the changes are not always easy to cope with when you’re not sure of what to expect. Some of the changes you can expect when dealing with dementia – or watching a loved one deal with it – is behavioural changes. These are a challenge, and they may be confusing to watch, but keep in mind that your loved one is the one going through it. It’s important to remember that dementia is characterised by a set of symptoms that include more than behavioural changes. While these symptoms are often difficult to spot at first, time equals progression, and they can then impact daily life. The idea of dementia home carers Newcastle is to make you or your loved one as comfortable as possible as you handle the effects of this disease, ensuring that you remain as optimistic and secure as possible in this time.

Recognising Dementia

It’s important to remember that dementia isn’t a disease in itself. Dementia is a collection of symptoms that develop as a result of damage that has happened to the brain. This damage isn’t specifically caused by a blow to the head, but by other diseases. There is more than one type of dementia, and recognising the symptoms can make a big difference when it comes to choosing the best dementia care services Newcastle has to offer you. Let’s take a look:

Early Dementia Symptoms

Dementia affects different people in different ways, and no two people will experience these symptoms the same. However, the first signs are all very common, and they can occur a long time before an official diagnosis.

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Memory loss
  • Confusion regarding orientation
  • Difficulty following a conversation
  • Issues with day to day tasks
  • Behavioural changes and mood swings

You may notice these symptoms starting mildly in your loved one, and it can take years for them to get worse. Initially, the symptoms are not enough to diagnose dementia. It’s not a natural occurrence of age, and our expert dementia carers can help you to pinpoint the moment your loved one’s symptoms get worse.

Symptoms: Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia. If you are looking to spot the signs for it, here they are:

  • Peaks of anxiety
  • Confusion surrounding numbers and money
  • Difficulty in new environments
  • Repetitive questions
  • Issues with memory

Symptoms: Vascular Dementia

After Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia is the second most common cause of dementia. You can even find that some people have both, which is known as mixed dementia. Most of the symptoms of vascular dementia are very similar to Alzheimer’s. The difference is that memory loss is not always as common early on. The specific symptoms include:

  • Depression and emotional outbursts
  • Movement issues; difficulty walking or gait changes
  • Muscle weakness – this needs medical help urgently
  • Difficulty with attention

Symptoms: Lewy bodies

Very similar to Alzheimer’s, Lewy bodies is a difficult one to manage for the person diagnosed. However, the signs to spot it include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Visual hallucinations
  • Sleep issues
  • Slow movement
  • Falling often

Symptoms: Frontotemporal Dementia

Most cases of dementia diagnosed between the age of 45-65 include symptoms for frontotemporal dementia. Early symptoms can include:

  • Lack of social awareness
  • Changes in personality
  • Obsessive tendencies
  • Difficulty with language

Dementia: The Later Stages

At Dementia Caring, we understand it’s difficult for carers to witness the symptoms of dementia progress. A big part of the service we offer is in respite to you as a carer, so that as dementia progresses, you can get a very well deserved break. The later stages of dementia include mobility and communication issues, behavioural problems, incontinence and a loss of appetite.

Our dementia care at home is the best that you can find in Newcastle, Australia, and we want you to feel as comfortable as possible while your loved one is with our professional dementia carers. You need the most compassionate and supportive dementia carer Newcastle has to offer, and we’re proud to be able to provide this service for you.

Life With Dementia

Most people who are dealing with a diagnosis of dementia are often feeling overwhelmed and scared – as are their carers. A lot of people who have been diagnosed with dementia, no matter the variety, live very well for many years. The world is full of new research and information, and one of the most common pieces of research out there is that those with dementia thrive better when they’re at home.

With Dementia Caring, we aim to provide a service that helps to keep your loved one feeling secure and happy in their own home with their surroundings around them. Caring for dementia clients is much simpler when they are comfortable in their homes, as they are happier, more stable and less confused when in their familiar settings. This makes for more joyful and more relaxed clients, allowing our excellent dementia carers to provide the best, most valuable care. When you are looking for the most compassionate dementia carer Newcastle has to offer; you would be wise to rely on Dementia Caring. Our services are tailored to the needs of your loved one, building on the exact specifications of their dementia type and designing a patient-centred care plan that suits them entirely.

We are proud that every single dementia carer our Newcastle company has to offer has been trained comprehensively so that you can be reassured that your dementia carers Newcastle are experts in what they do.

There are a lot of ways to help those dealing with dementia to maintain their independence, and independence and dignity are two of our biggest concerns. At Dementia Caring, we offer the most stable dementia care services Newcastle has to offer so that you can be assured that you get the care you need every single day. Whatever you need from your dementia carer, we can ensure that you get the right support. Your needs are absolutely our priority, which is why our case managers take time to go over with you your exact specifications. We encourage all of our clients to keep as active as possible, ensuring our clients are social, exercising and not left to remain isolated at home. Dementia home care services Newcastle aren’t just about physical care, but holistic care and mental health care. Our clients deserve every single opportunity to remain as independent as possible for as long as your body and mind allow. We take a very serious approach to ensuring that your dignity and pride remain intact, keeping you as happy as possible and ensuring you eat and wash to stay as proud as you should be.

When it comes to the most affordable dementia care Australia has to offer, you are in the right company. We firmly believe that you should have the best care for what you can afford, and when it comes to offering care services that fit the bill, Dementia Caring is the right one to call.

No matter what your needs are, we can provide you with the best dementia care services Newcastle has available. We love what we do, and we pour every ounce of that love into our service.

What Dementia Caring Can Provide

Our comprehensive care packages and help are offered tailored to each client that contacts us. Caring for dementia clients in Newcastle is more than a job for us; it’s a vocation of caring. We have made a point of being the best at what we do, and we want to ensure that you get the highest quality of care possible. Your integrity and independence are essential to us, which is why we ensure that our dementia carers Newcastle are trained thoroughly before being put in contact with new clients. Newcastle is a wonderful place to live, with plenty of activities outside and things to see. We aim to enable our clients to continue enjoying an outdoor lifestyle if this is what they want, and it’s why our dementia home care is the best option. You should be able to live your best life, and this means remaining calm and within surroundings that are familiar and easy.

Our solutions are varied, tailored entirely to your dementia home care needs here in Newcastle. Our services are top-rated, and some of those that are requested the most include:

  • Personal care
  • Nursing care
  • Assisted living
  • Respite care
  • Home maintenance
  • Meal preparation
  • Carer support
  • Housekeeping
  • Specialist therapies

Our Home Care Packages

One of our proudest claims here at Dementia Caring is that we provide Home Care Packages that are affordable for our clients. You should get the best care possible at every turn, so whether you are looking for a part-time dementia carer to visit occasionally, or you need full-time care at home, you need to consider what Dementia Caring can offer you. There are a lot of companies that cannot provide you the affordable dementia care that you need in Newcastle, so we know that you need a company to rely on. We aim to provide you with the service you need, and as we provide consumer-directed Home Care Packages, we know we have the best dementia care services Newcastle has to offer.

Our case managers are all professional at what they do, working with you closely to write the care plan that is going to be catered exactly to your needs. We aim to be as flexible and responsive as possible to you, and our dementia carers are just as compassionate as our case managers. We put your needs first, remaining as attentive to you and your family throughout the whole process.

In-Home Support

Our dementia home carers are some of the best around, and as we aim for as much familiarity and stability as possible, we will always ensure that you have carers that you know and trust come to your home to be with you. Reliability is a strong trait that we look for in our dementia home carers, and our support at home is designed to meet your exact requirements every time. We will always treat the homes of our clients with utmost respect and love, and we will support you as you need inside your home. Whether you need help with cooking meals or simply want some companionship as you go through your day, our dementia carers are trained to be exactly what you need them to be.

Carer Support

As much as we are great at caring for you, your family are also our concern. Our entire business ethos is to care, and that doesn’t stop when your family is concerned. Taking the weight off your shoulders and allowing you a break from the heartbreak of caring for a loved one with dementia is essential to us, and our dementia carers Newcastle are there to give you as much support as possible. You deserve to take a break, and we will ensure that you get one.

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Our Newcastle business is built on helping those in need, and if you need help today, please contact us on 1300 792 691 for more information.

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