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Dementia Care Central Coast

Dementia Care Services Central Coast

Is your loved one beginning to show the first signs of dementia? It’s possible that they have had this condition for quite some time and the strain is starting to become apparent.

Unfortunately, dementia isn’t just a nightmare for the person suffering from the condition. It can be a heavy burden to bear for family members too. It’s an emotional ordeal watching someone you love slowly lose their independence, their memories and in some cases, even their personality. You might think about looking after your loved one without any support or assistance. However, this can be dangerous and instead you should be looking for the best dementia care central coast services available. That’s exactly what we provide.

As a dementia home care Central Coast solution, we work hard to ensure that we offer everything that you and your loved one could need. Our aim is to make sure that they are completely taken care of with the full level of support. We have years of experience operating in this industry and have helped countless patients get the support and treatment they need. That’s why we’re confident we can help you too. Reputable, trusted and ready to go the extra mile, we’ll always be there for you and your loved one. Read on to discover more about this condition, the signs, the symptoms and why professional care is the right choice.

Dementia Explained?

Before you explore dementia care services, it’s important to be aware of what dementia actually is. Most people believe that dementia is the name of one condition. This isn’t quite true. Instead, dementia is actually the name that is used to describe a variety of different symptoms. The symptoms in question can include:

  • Loss of memory
  • Difficulty with problem-solving
  • Language issues
  • Issues With general cognitive processes

As a dementia care Central Coast solution we have a wealth of knowledge on these conditions. Dementia will often be caused when the brain has been damaged by a disease or condition. For instance, a stroke is one of the main causes but it’s certainly not the only one. It’s also possible that dementia occurs due to the aging brain. Indeed, dementia does become more common and likely as we get older. By the time you reach eighty, the chances of you showcasing some signs of dementia are alarmingly common. That’s why it’s important to understand the options for dementia carer support in the Central Coast.

Why Do You Need Professional Dementia Care Services

You might be wondering why you should opt for professional support for your loved one who is suffering from dementia. First, it’s important to think about the dangers that someone with dementia can bring for themselves and others. As mentioned, one of the key signs and symptoms of dementia is issues with memory. Short term memory is more likely to be impacted than long term memory and it can have a significant effect. It can mean that individuals struggle to remember tasks that they are in the middle of completing. For instance, it’s possible that someone with dementia could be pouring a cup of tea. They could forget they are completing this process in the middle of pouring. This could lead to boiling hot water being poured on their hands instead. If they are cooking they might forget to turn the oven off or forget the hob is switched on. This is one of the reasons why dementia care services central coast residents trust is going to be the right decision. You need to keep your loved one safe.

There are also long term memory issues that can have an impact as well. A person with dementia may forget who you are. These lapses in memory can last for minutes, hours, days or weeks. As well as being painful for you, it can again lead to a dangerous situation. They may be confused, angry or frightened and react violently to your presence. This can be incredibly difficult to deal with in a way that is safe. It could also put other vulnerable people in the family at risk, including children.

Another potential risk comes from the side impacts of dementia. Dementia may also impact the motor control of an individual. This makes them more prone to slips, trips, falls and general injuries. This is why it’s important that they are being cared for in the right environment.

Ultimately, these issues mean that an individual with dementia could need constant, 24/7 care and attention. That could be necessary to ensure that they do not get injured or suffer an accident. Attempting to provide this support will put pressure on you and cause strain on your personal or professional life. It’s true to say that looking after someone with dementia is often a full-time job. That’s why you should make sure that you are leaving it to the professionals with an in-home dementia care central coast solution.

Is In-Home Care The Right Choice

You could be wondering whether in-home dementia care Central Coast services is the right decision. In most cases, this is going to be the case and there are a few reasons for this. One of the main reasons why you should select in-home care is that it provides an environment that your loved one is comfortable and familiar with. Research does suggest that patients in unfamiliar environments suffering from dementia can experience greater difficulties.

A familiar environment may actually help to trigger key memories. It can also ensure that they are able to navigate more effectively with some level of independence. As well as this, your loved one will find being at home less stressful. When they do have a memory lapse or they phase out, it can be comforting if they are in their own home and own bed, rather than a live-in facility. Loved ones will often also resist going into care because they want to keep some form of independence. They don’t want to give up their home and at Dementia Caring we don’t believe they should have to. Instead, our aim is to provide the full support dementia patients require in an environment where they are completely comfortable with their surroundings.

Do be aware that a home environment can still be effectively altered to ensure it is safe and secure for patients. We can help by providing advice and support on how to do this effectively. Visual cues can be added to key locations around the home to help trigger a loved one’s memories. At the same time, safety bars and handles can be installed to help eliminate the potential risk of a slip or fall. With dementia support, Australia residents can trust thr service that we provide and discover there’s no need for loved ones to say goodbye to a home that they adore.

Does Your Loved One Have Dementia?

Before exploring dementia support Central coast solutions, it’s important to ask whether your loved one could be suffering from dementia. Do be aware that it’s unlikely a loved one will notice this themselves. Instead, it will be up to you to recognize the key traits and signs.

One of the earliest signs of dementia is always going to be issued with memory. Those caring for a person with dementia always remember the first sign of an issue was something simple. For instance, a loved one might constantly be forgetting where they put their keys. A more worrying sign would be if they begin to forget where they live or they start to show signs of phasing out.

Phasing is a common sign and it’s exactly as it sounds. You could talk to your loved one when suddenly, they phase-out of the conversation completely. They will snap back after a couple of minutes and have no idea what you were talking about. It’s important to understand before you look for dementia care NSW services that these signs aren’t worrying on their own. Instead, you need to consider whether they mark a change. Some people are forgetful. However, if this marks a significant change in an individual’s memory, it is worth paying attention to.

How Fast Does Dementia Progress And Develop

As a top provider of dementia care central coast services, we get asked this question a lot. Unfortunately, there’s no set answer. There’s actually 100 different types of dementia and they all progress at different rates. Some people will notice a significant level of decline in a matter of years. Others can take decades before they see noticeable changes. This makes it difficult to know when you should arrange dementia home care for your loved one.

The key point here is to make sure that you are keeping a check on the condition. When the signs begin to become apparent, you need to keep a record. Make sure that you understand if there have been any changes. A key point to consider is whether a loved one can live without support. Unfortunately, dementia will always reach the point where this is no longer a safe option. Ideally, dementia home care Central Coast services should be implemented before an accident or issue occurs. This can be possible if you keep a check on the condition as it continues to develop.

There are various different stages of dementia. It’s the later stages where professional dementia care at home will become essential and caring for a parent with dementia at home yourself will be near impossible. Stage one is marked by the lapses that we mentioned above. Again, there is always a fast recovery and this means that they are difficult to spot.

Stage two will lead to a patient forgetting key facts and details. However again, there will likely be a rapid recovery and this can be mistaken for typical issues with memory.

Stage four is the point where care is often introduced. At this stage, individuals are no longer able to manage their own affairs and they will need some form of support. However, it’s important to note they may not require constant attention.

By stage seven an individual is often completely disoriented. They will typically experience a severe loss of speech. They will need constant care and support for even the most typical functions.

If you require the best dementia care central coast solution, make sure that you contact us today. We will help ensure that you are provided will all the advice and support that you need. Our aim will always be to ensure that your loved one gets the right level of care and attention they need for the absolute best quality of life.

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