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About Us


Who We Are

Dementia Caring is a business built on one key foundation – providing affordable dementia support and assisted care to Australia’s most in-need, when they need it. Whether you need full meal preparation or the occasional session of respite care, the experienced team at Dementia Caring are equipped to help. Dementia Caring Australia is 100% focused on delivering excellence in personal home care, house keeping, home maintenance and specialist therapies to those living with Dementia. We understand that caring for a loved one isn’t always easy, but our team of dementia care and carer support services are experts in working with the often specific needs that those suffering from dementia have.

With a team of specialised dementia care workers, nurses and therapists always on-hand, we deliver:

  • Personalised Dementia Home Care Services
  • Dementia Specialist Therapy programs
  • 24/7 respite and emergency assistance
  • Day centre respite care with tailored dementia therapy programs
  • Social support for both those living with dementia and their loved ones
  • Bespoke dementia therapy products

An Industry-Leading Service

Our team has a proven track record in the home caring and specialist therapy services and is recognised as Australia’s only exclusive service provider in the dementia caring field.

We provide excellent dementia care, meal preparation,assisted care, respite services and personal services including house keeping and house maintenance services.

Benefits Of Attending Our Centre

Improved Quality Of Life

Our services incorporate activities and therapies designed to help alleviate the stress for families caring for their loved one. We believe living in your own home provides a better environment for maintaining quality of life.

Expertise in Dementia Care

Our Care Givers are specially trained in providing the highest quality care to people living with dementia. Our deep understanding and techniques are aimed to promote independence.

Dementia Carer Advice and Support

We can offer information to families to help you manage at home. Ultimately we aim to enable your loved one to stay at home for longer, keeping the family together for longer.

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Google Rating
Based on 13 reviews