5 Types of Dementia Therapy and Their Benefits

5 Types of Dementia Therapy and Their Benefits

When individuals with dementia are offered various types of therapy, they are able to live more happy and fulfilling lives at home. Here are a few of the options you may want to consider for your loved one:

Music Therapy

Music is a powerful medium to evoke all kinds of emotions in its listeners. Think about it. When your favourite song comes on the radio, how do you feel? You might be filled with love when a ballad starts playing, or especially nostalgic when your favourite childhood tune spills out of the speakers.

The same can be said for individuals living with dementia. By using meaningful music, therapists can help people reconnect with past memories and associations, and can allow them to live a calmer, happier, and more social life.

Reminiscence Therapy

Although some short-term memories are blurry, people living with dementia can frequently remember the details from their wedding day, the moment their child was born, or their favourite vacation as a child.

With music, photos, and other sounds, reminiscence therapy allows individuals to enhance memories, and recapture the emotions and feelings associated with them. Recalling some of those precious moments can be a powerful mood booster, which is a huge benefit for people living with dementia.

Pet and Intergenerational Therapy

When it comes to a happy child or a fluffy dog, we all can’t help but smile, right? Individuals with dementia are no different. In fact, they may actually benefit from these pleasant visits more than the average person.

Even if you’re not a big fan of children or pets, studies have proven that both animal-assisted therapy and intergenerational care benefit dementia patients in incredibly positive ways. Recipients of these therapies are more calm, social, and physically active.

Art Therapy

It’s no surprise that we don’t all have the same aptitudes as Picasso; however, we can all benefit from the expression afforded by art. There’s something especially calming about getting lost in the freeness of a watercolour painting or completing a page out of an adult colouring book.

Art therapy is a wonderful outlet for dementia patients, too! It allows them to create something beautiful, to tell stories, and to foster dignity. Their focus is improved, their ability to express themselves is clear, and they’ve found a way to preserve their self-worth.   

We are proud to offer both Reminiscence Therapy and Music and Memory Therapy at Dementia Caring. If you feel your loved one could benefit from either therapy, give us a call at 1300 792 691 or contact us through our website today!