About Us

Who We Are

Dementia Caring is a business built on one key foundation – providing affordable dementia support and assisted care to Australia’s most in-need, when they need it. Whether you need full meal preparation or the occasional session of respite care, the experienced team at Dementia Caring are equipped to help.

Dementia Caring Australia is 100% focused on delivering excellence in personal home care, house keeping, home maintenance and specialist therapies to those living with Dementia. We understand that caring for a loved one isn’t always easy, but our team of dementia care and carer support services are experts in working with the often specific needs that those suffering from dementia have.

With a team of specialised dementia care workers, nurses and therapists always on-hand, we deliver:

  • Personalised Dementia Home Care Services
  • Dementia Specialist Therapy programs
  • 24/7 respite and emergency assistance
  • Day centre respite care with tailored dementia therapy programs
  • Social support for both those living with dementia and their loved ones
  • Bespoke dementia therapy products

An Industry-Leading Service

Our team has a proven track record in the home caring and specialist therapy services and is recognised as Australia’s only exclusive service provider in the dementia caring field.

We provide excellent dementia care, meal preparation,assisted care, respite services and personal services including house keeping and house maintenance services.

“I am dedicated to the provision of respectful, dignified, and professional dementia support and respite services to those in need in our community”

Xuyen Tang, Dementia Care Specialist

Xuyen Tang’s Role at Dementia Caring

Xuyen has over 25 years experience in the delivery and maintenance of high quality, consistent and compassionate in-home care to the aged and disabled.

Bringing a wealth of experience, knowledge and deep understanding to the requirements of those in our aged community, Xuyen has deep empathy for the aged and frail citizens of Australia. She manages our team of high calibre care workers and nurses who share her values and are able to provide expert and efficient home care services like assisted care, home maintenance, meal preparation services when you need them.

Xuyen has a great passion for being a leader and spokesperson within the aged care and dementia support industry in promoting the delivery of higher standards. Her focus at Dementia Caring is to see to ensure our services are provided at the highest quality standard.

She has managed Dementia Day Care Centres and is highly experienced with Validation Therapy, Reminisce Therapy, Doll Therapy and has exception ability to connect with people with dementia and help them have a better life.

Xuyen is diligent, honest and compassionate in her approach and brings a professionalism to the home care and  assisted care industry.

Our Partners

We would like to pass on our deepest thanks to coming to our rescue in early January this year by providing caring, reliable, and honest people to work with us. Our high and complicated care has been dealt with great passion, respect, and professionalism and we are very grateful to the staff and yourself.

Andrew B